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Eye Examinations - the Colony Eye Care Way

At Colony Eye Care Center our doctors check your eyes not only determine your best prescription for glasses or contacts, they also assess the overall health of the eye. Both are equally important parts of the comprehensive eye exam.


Determines your prescription in each eye individually and the balance between them.

Binocular Vision Assessment

Performed to see how well the eyes coordinate with each other.

Color vision

Many people, more commonly males, are color blind. While it is a mild inconvenience for most, in certain cases it may affect someone’s day to day life.

Contact Lens Fitting (Optional)

An ocular surface and contact lens evaluation is necessary for anyone interested in starting or continuing contact lens wear. The complexity of the fitting varies greatly depending on the type of lens being worn.

Allows for the diagnosis of ocular diseases and degenerations that may or may not be visually and physically symptomatic.

Ocular Surface Examination

An evaluation of the external surfaces of the eye used to determine tear quality and quantity, as well as any inflammation or low grade infections of the lids.

Anterior Segment Examination

An examination of the health and viability of the internal corneal structures, the iris, the lens (where cataracts form), and the drainage system of the eye.

Posterior Segment Evaluation

Assess for Glaucoma, Macular degeneration, retinal breaks/degenerations, diabetic and other vascular changes. This may be performed via dilation or OptoMap imaging. Other more advanced and specific testing may be required.

The best way to ensure that you’ll see optimally now and into the future is to have an annual comprehensive eye exam.  If you haven’t had your eyes checked within the last year, you owe it to yourself to call today for an appointment.

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